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EGCG® own a multi-level enterprise gamification platform which make it possible to apply game mechanics within any existing enterprise process/system to engage customers, employees, and partners.

Enterprise Gamification Platform: operating mode

Platform is composed of five engines and is scalable from small teams to large enterprises.

Rules Engine

The consolle of the Rules Engine makes it possible to define multiple, complex behaviors at multiple levels, whether at the group, system or enterprise level. Because of the rules engine sophistication it is possible to use an unlimited number of instances of any gamification mechanics to support complex motivation program.
The implementation of a gamification program require only a simple configuration of the game rules through an easy to use and friendly admin user interface which give access to all platform functionalities.

Presentation Engine

The widget user dashboard of the Presentation Engine allow real-time feedback to the player when they make any progress in the game process. Users can also have access to a personal page to display game rules, player transactions history and a graphic representation of the progress.

Social Integration Engine

With Social Integration Engine you can reward posting and sharing on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter leveraging the value of customers sharing their positive experiences via their personal social network. This help building brand reputation and influencing purchasing decisions.

Application Integration Engine

The Application Integration Engine include robust API REST connectors to enable rapid integration and gamification of common applications.  Users see gamification results immediately in the applications they use daily. Benefits include rapid implementation of gamification programs.

Analytic and Reporting Engine

The admin dashboard of iEGP powerful multidimensional Analytic and Reporting Engine allow the gamification admin to monitor the players progress.

Gamification admin can to see, among others, how long users need for the completion of particular game elements, drill down to more detailed information on the relation between users and achievable game elements such as badges, levels, or missions.

EGCG Gamification Platform is developed entirely with open-source software and can be used both as a cloud service or installed in the IT infrastructure of customers who prefer to self-manage the solution.

To find ideas and get suggestions on how to introduce gamification in your company or to request a demo of the platform.

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Gamification is the process of using a digital platform to incorporate gaming-like elements in non-gaming contexts with the aim of positively influencing user motivation and improving their engagement
Enterprises can use gamification to achieve business process improvementsservice efficiencytalent development, and constructive collaboration.

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 supports enterprises to implement gamification programs providing skillscapabilities and an innovative enterprise gamification platform which make it possible to apply game mechanics within any existing enterprise system.
Platform is developed entirely with 
open-source software and can be used both as a Cloud PaaS or installed in the customers IT infrastructure.