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 is the use of gaming logic and techniques in non-gaming contexts to motivate people to achieve their goals and to increase engagement and loyalty of customers, employees and partners.
The basic elements used in Gamification are dynamics and mechanics.

Dynamics are the processes needed for guiding users (players) behavior, they never enter explicitly into the system.
Game Dynamics define the patterns of how both the game and the players will evolve over time and that will make the gamified activity enjoyable and keep the user engaged for as long as possible.
Game Dynamics tailors the Game Mechanics to address the desired outcomes and particular motivations of the participants.

Mechanics are the basic tools for the creation of Gamification application. They are used in different ways and mix depending on the dynamics that have to be achieved. 
They are the visible elements of the system, i.e.:
- Points: are used to follow the actions and give feedback on the player's progress,
- Level: progress indicators that show the movement of the player in the game path,
- Badge: is a special award, virtual in most cases, which identifies a particular player status based on the actions he carried out,
- Leaderboard: rank users to compare their results with other players, showing who have the most points or the better level,
- Mission: is a set of tasks to be accomplished, provided to the player, to get specific rewards,
- Achievement: is the accomplishment of a result by the player (e.g. completion of a mission) and has a associated reward.

GAMIFICATION PROJECT needs a software platform that allows for:
Implementing the various mechanics selected to support the game dynamics,
Providing continuous feedback to the player and constantly updated on his/her progress in the game path,
Performing continuous monitoring and analysis of effectiveness of the game,
Dynamically change the game rules,
Easily integrating with the enterprise systems involved in the Gamification project.

has designed and implemented an innovative enterprise gamification platform that allows the introduction of gamification dynamics and mechanics in any business processes.